Stump removal or grinding is the best service for someone who wants quick removal of the left-over stump. We use a Stump grinder to remove stumps from your property. Stump grinder looks somewhat similar to a lawnmower, with more variety in sizes. 

This machine grinds the stumps to the ground to completely remove it or bring it to the ground level. This machine can only be operated by someone with professional expertise in tree services as it’s not easy to control and move. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to completely remove the stump, we can also be left to some levels as you suggest. Stump is the trunk of the tree stuck in the ground after the tree is removed. Most people choose the Stump grinding option after tree removal.  

If you want to know the cost of Stump removal services at San Bernardino Tree Services, you can call us at (909) 531-4065